With a degree in sculpture and a passion for dress making and textiles it was a natural progression to the creation of costumes, structures and sets for individuals and touring companies, many of the commissions for outdoor and street theatre performances requiring the creation of animated and transforming structures and costumes. Barbara was first exposed to the exciting world of outdoor performance early in her career and through training undertaken with Welfare State International and later with her close connections with the Stockton International Riverside Festival, this experience in a range of design and making opportunities have added an extra dimension to her work.


Barbara has a large well-equipped making studio and access to a refurbished agricultural building with all amenities; this has enabled her to work with companies in the development of their production from early concepts to full dress rehearsals on site. Whilst Barbara and her team bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to a project the stimulation and experiences gained from working in collaboration with other makers and designers is enjoyed and welcome.