Drawing & Painting

Just as the core skills relating to maths and other subjects are taught so can the fundamental skills of drawing; destroying the myth that it is a talent you are either born with or not. Barbara has developed several drawing schemes that show progression over the key stages that develop a sound, confident understanding of the many art techniques and styles. Such programmes have proved to have further benefits with an improvement in students’ concentration and listening skills alongside their self-esteem and confidence.

Workshops can start with the basics including:

  • The different ways to hold a pencil for drawing and shading The use of line and pattern
  • The use of line and pattern
  • Exercises to develop fine motor skills, hand and eye co-ordination
  • The creation of a convincing 3 dimensional image on paper
  • Use of both wet and dry mediums

More advanced schemes cover themes such as:

  • Colour theory
  • Shading
  • Portraiture
  • Perspective
  • Still-life
  • Composition
  • Art history and vocabulary

These areas can be developed and combined in a programme, made relevant to the age and ability of the group, enhancing all areas of study within the curriculum.

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